Arctic Horizons Inc. (AHI) is a defense technology company based in Ottawa, Canada, and Oslo, Norway.
AHI develops unmanned robotic platforms, modules, and sensory systems to support national defense and sovereignty.  We focus on serving the industry with three core product segments: heavy-lifting tiltrotor UAS, nano UAS, and loitering munitions. 

AHI exists to provide our partners with innovative, cutting-edge technology. We are dedicated to the spirit of innovation, allowing us to continually move forward and bridge the gap between existing technologies and evolving threats. We believe that the ability to engage threats with great precision is forcing a paradigm shift in modern warfare.

“We aim to provide our partners with the tools they require to optimize and future-proof their operations with precise, cost-effective solutions at an accelerated pace. This is the new reality of smaller, digital militaries that use precise strike, suffer lower casualties, and create less collateral damage. We continually evolve not just to meet the threat but set the pace.” 

- Jared Burns, CEO 

The Arctic Fox traverses the ice pack between Canada-Norway at the fastest movement rate for species ever recorded, it embodies the attributes of the company, the Arctic Fox is a polar predator that is stealthy, agile, innovative, and deadly.  

Meet The Team


RFI & Investor Relations
CEO - Jared Burns

Jared Burns is a proven financial manager and a serial entrepreneur.  He has created several tech companies and held multiple executive positions in foreign exchange risk & hedging.

Jared is an international expert in risk management, hedging, derivatives, and financial services, with 15 years of experience in global capital markets. He has built and managed a risk book of USD 2.5B.  He has completed the Canadian Securities Course plus higher level securities training, holds a diploma in Business Administration


Technology & Procurements
CTO - Eric Sandum

Eric Troy Sandum is an interdisciplinary expert in advanced UAV systems specializing in military and commercial systems and engineering development processes.

As the CTO of Arctic Horizons, he leverages his enthusiasm for advanced unmanned and autonomous vehicles to develop unique systems from conceptual design and prototyping to proofs-of-concept, testing, and production utilization throughout civilian and military-industrial applications.

Eric is a seasoned manager of engineering project teams and an expert in creating solutions and procedures to solve advanced-technological challenges, including analyzing and interpreting engineering drawings, software solutions, test plans, and design specifications.

In 2017, Eric was awarded Norway's Entrepreneur of the Year.


COO - Jeremy Byatt

Jeremy Byatt is a strong businessperson with a track record of building organisations and developing teams.  He has been an executive in both major companies and start-ups: he has been responsible for planning, technology analysis/forecasting, policies and regulations, and marketing, communications, and outreach.  He has worked with multiple drone companies.  He has experience in North America and Europe.

Jeremy has degrees from the Royal Military College of Canada, the Royal Military College of Science Shrivenham (UK) and the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (Carleton U.) and had a first career as an officer in Princess Patrcias’s Canadian Light Infantry.