Redefining Tactical Unmanned Systems For Modern Conflict

Hardware Solutions


Piglet Tactical Tilt-Rotor UAV

Piglet is a heavy-lift, omnidirectional thrust vectoring tilt-rotor (OTV-Tilt-Rotor) quadcopter. The platform is designed to carry and aim a multitude of payloads, including up to a 50.BMG anti-materiel rifle, 40mm grenade launcher, ISR equipment, and supply delivery modules. The payload attachment is modular and easily customizable to fit other applications. 

For weaponized payloads, we have developed a ballistics system that is designed to give the operator a first-shot advantage at mixed ranges. This system can be calibrated to work with any rifles or launchable projectiles. 


Stictia Nano UAV

Stictia is a disposable ultra-lightweight NANO UAV with a credit card footprint. Stackable modules for different ISR applications. Designed to equip all front-line soldiers and first responders with an affordable and user-friendly surveillance option.

Stictia are designed to carry a wide range of nano payloads like: EO, IR, Passive Sensors, Electronic Warfare (EW), CBRN Detection.


Peregrine Loitering Munition

Peregrine is an unmanned mid-range fixed-wing loitering munition designed to carry up to a 4,5kg warhead and reach speeds up to 500 km/hr. The Peregrine also includes an ISR camera system for target identification and acquisition.

The Peregrine can be deployed without the warhead for ISR gathering and features a collapsible wing system for compact transportation.