Precision Technology Solved To Excellence

Changing your idea of what a
tactical drone can do

Hardware Solutions


The Piglet UAV uses our proprietary flight technology which enables the UAV to orient large payloads. The UAV is a highly modular tactical UAV system with ISR, Targeting, and Takeout capabilities.


The Stictia is a modular ultra-lightweight NANO UAV with a credit card footprint. Stackable modules for different ISR applications. Stictia is designed to be deployed in numbers to operate as swarms.


Loitering Munition Speed-Plane System, Tube launched or remotely using our 360-degree
battery system designed on an EV frame, capable of
launching upwards of 36 Peregrines at continuous speeds.

Software Solutions


The Arctic Horizons simulator technology significantly reduces development and production costs, The technology provides a decisive advantage when it comes to flight dynamics,
design and execu
te specialized missions.


The ballistics systems are designed to give the operator a first shot advantage. We use a wide range of sensors to detect and adjust paths. This system can be calibrated to work with any rifles or launchable projectiles.


Training systems for operational training using HIL (Hardware-In-The-Loop) integration.
Our systems provide easy integration of photorealistic models for realistic training and are highly customizable.